Husavik,  a place of its own 
The first mention of Husavik is to be found in Landnamabok, the Book of Settlement, in connection with Gardar Svavarsson, the first settler in the area to build his house there. The major industry is fishing and fish processing which together with trade offers employment to most of the 2.500 inhabitants. To day, Husavik is best known for being the whale watching capital of Iceland. Along with the many species of whales seen in the Skjalfandi bay the bird life offers unique nature experience on sea for tourists traveling in the area. The Husavik Whale Center is the only information and educational center on whales in Iceland, it offers lectures and various information on whales and fishing in the area. During the summertime two companies offer whale watching tours from Husavik along with bird watching at the island of Lundey, whose name means Puffin Island, a colony of 100.000 puffins and other cliff dwelling birds. Husavik itself has several places of interest. The beautiful garden in the center of town and the river running through it provides life for many ducks and birds. At the Folk Museum you will find one of the largest polar bears ever caught locally. The well-timbered church was built in 1907 is open for visitors during summer. Tourist Information is located at the Whale Center. The town community is truly an ideal jumping point for sightseeing tours and one day excursions to many of the most famous places found in the north.

Activities in Husavik:  Horse riding toursWhale watching/Whale watchingWalking/hiking. Birding. Sea anglingExcursionsGolf courseSwimming pool.  

Museums in Husavik:
The Whale museum.  The Maritime- and folk museum The Exploration Museum

Service in Husavik:
Hospital/health-care/dentists.  Pharmacy.  Car Rental. Car repair service.   Supermarket.  Bakery.  Specialty Stores.   Beauty saloons. 

Restaurants in Husavik:   HERE

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Husavik Iceland the whale watching town