"Voladalstorfa" is about 12 kilometers (8 miles) from Husavik.  You will see two islands to the north-west "Manareyjar" and you see a lighthouse at the end of the "Tjornes" peninsula.  After passing a hill the "Arctic Ocean" (Polar sea) is endless at the horizon and the peninsula stretches a little to west. Here is our place. We park our vehicle at a gate and we walk the path to the lighthouse. Be careful. Do not walk too close to the cliff,  but do not miss the birds. The walk takes about 10-15 minutes to the lighthouse. You are now in Puffins land and DO NOT walk into the nesting place of the puffins. It is both dangerous and spoils the habitat of the birds. Just watch and enjoy. There are many other birds to be seen here and the view is relaxing. Take your time. This is a unique place and do not tell anybody unless you trust him to take care of the birds and himself. 

The lighthouse at Tjornes is situated at Volastadatorfa and is the third lighthouse to the north from the Husavik lighthouse, the second being the "Lundey"
(Puffin Island) lighthouse. The Tjornes lighthouse is built 1929 and is 12 m over sea level. It is yellow in color like most of Icelandic lighthouses. The Icelandic name for lighthouses is "vitar".

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